Basic Fixture Design

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Basic Fixture Design

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This lavishly illustrated introduction to fixture design takes the reader from concept to building. It details the mechanics, materials used, commercially available components, design procedures, and economics.



  • Uses basic terms to explain fixture design.
  • Focuses on actual tooling procedures throughout.
  • Provides a full understanding of the design and application of fixture tools and checking fixtures, welding fixtures and procedures, three-dimensional space in checking compound warped surfaces, measurement systems, and the simple mathematics required.

Table of Contents

  • Fixtures Types and Applications
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Machining and Fabricating Fixtures
  • Checking Fixtures
  • Reading Body Panel Part Prints
  • Drafting Materials and Medium
  • Fixture Layout
  • Standard Components and Applications
  • Manufactured Components and Applications
  • Fixture Construction Materials
  • Detailing
  • Changes
  • Fixture Design: Concept Manufacturing Processes
  • The Engineering Industry Workplace
  • Tooling Component Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • English-Metric Conversions
  • Formulas
  • Index