Beginning AutoCAD® 2018 Exercise Workbook

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Beginning AutoCAD® 2018 Exercise Workbook

Beginning AutoCAD® 2018 Exercise Workbook


By Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather



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What users are saying about Beginning AutoCAD 2018:

"This workbook is great for first-time AutoCAD users such as my self. Each section is clearly explained and the exercises at the end of each chapter reinforce what you just learned.. If you follow tje reading and do the exercises, you will lear the basics. I am looking foward to trying out the Advanced book soon." -R. Moore, Amazon Customer Review

"This is the absolute best book! It has helped a total novice. I found myself assigned to do space planning; my company gave me AutoCAD LT. I do the lesson step by step and then, WOW I get it. I have been able to teach mself the basics for updating our drawings." -K.D. Mitchell, Amazon Customer Review





The Beginning AutoCAD® 2018 Exercise Workbook is designed for classroom instruction and self-study alike, and is now suitable for both inch and metric users to accommodate readers around the world.  Each lesson starts with step-by-step instructions on how to master a particular task, followed by exercises designed for practicing the commands readers learned within that lesson.

      The 2018 version of the software boasts the new feature of being able to import SHX fonts when importing documents into AutoCAD.  With past versions, you could only import SHX fonts as objects that were included in the PDF, which meant that users could not alter the text in any way.  In this 2018 version of the software, the text is fully editable – the same as TrueType text and fonts.  That’s a tremendous advantage for architects and designers, who use SHX fonts extensively in their drawings.

      Written by Cheryl Shrock and Steve Heather, two bestselling authors and official Beta Testers of AutoCAD® software, this is an invaluable resource for the thousands of students, designers, architects, and manufacturers who are just learning AutoCAD®, or getting up to speed with the latest version of the software.


New and Improved Features


  • Introduces the ability to import SHX fonts when importing a PDF document into AutoCAD.
  • Also covers the new ability to convert single rows of text into paragraphs.
  • Provides instruction on exciting new AutoCAD features released early to beta testers.
  • All exercises include metric equivalents alongside the original imperial (inch) measurements.


To download a file containing the supplied preset drawings mentioned and used in this book click here


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Cheryl Shrock is a retired Professor and Chairperson of Computer Aided Design at Orange Coast College in California. The AutoCAD Exercise Workbooks are the result of both her teaching skills and her industry experience. She also is an Autodesk® registered author.


Steve Heather has more than 30 years of experience as a practicing mechanical engineer, and has taught AutoCAD to engineering and architectural students at the college level. He is a Beta Tester for Autodesk®, testing the latest AutoCAD software, and a member of the AutoCAD® Customer Council.


Meet Author Steve Heather!

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30 Lessons, including full instructions and illustrations


6 Appendixes