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  1. Modern Pipefitter's Manual

    Modern Pipefitter's Manual


    The Pipefitters Handbook has been THE indispensable reference for pipefitters of all levels for about 50 years.  It continues to sell well, despite its age and outdated appearance.  Here, in one book, the authors are modernizing this work for the entire pipefitting trade. And it is the perfect resource for all those entering the trade.

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  2. AutoCAD® Pocket Reference, 8th Edition

    AutoCAD® Pocket Reference, 8th Edition


    Everyone needs a refresher sometimes. The 8th edition of the AutoCAD® Pocket Reference provides easy access to everyday information needed by AutoCAD users, including concepts, how-to, and fundamental commands.

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  3. 1,001 Questions & Answers for the CWI Exam

    1,001 Questions & Answers for the CWI Exam


    While there are a few books that can be purchased from the AWS and outside sources on the CWI exam, there are no publications dedicated to helping CWI candidates pass the exam. This title was written for that express purpose.

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  4. Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook

    Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook


    For those new to the world of AutoCAD®, as well as those honing longtime skills, there is simply no better resource on the market than the Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook. Industry-expert authors and Professors Cheryl Strock and Steve Heather introduce two novel features in AutoCAD 2019, including “Drawing Compare” and “Shared Views,” both of which facilitate a greater capacity for colleagues and clients to share and comment upon changes and additions to drawings in real-time.

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  5. Machine Design Elements and Assemblies

    Machine Design Elements and Assemblies


    Over Michael Spektor’s illustrious career in industry and academia, he has searched for a better resource from which to teach his students, and a way to improve current texts to better reflect the proper structure of how machine elements are presented, and introduce the calculations and design considerations necessary for creating assemblies.  The result is this textbook, which is the first available to students of the course Machine Design (also called “Machine Elements”) that truly prepares them to meet industry challenges by accelerating their introduction to solving real-life engineering programs.  Machine Design Elements and Assemblies methodically describes the material in a way that broadens and deepens the engineering knowledge related to the design of mechanical systems, in a much more concise, less expensive package.

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