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  1. Precisely Wrong: Why Conventional Planning Systems Fail

    Precisely Wrong: Why Conventional Planning Systems Fail


    What if there was one fatal flaw in MRP that makes it completely incapable of conveying relevant information?  What if correcting this one fatal flaw allowed the promise of MRP to be attained?  Precisely Wrong: Why Conventional Planning Systems Fail will reveal this fatal flaw and trace its impact to everyday situations encountered by planners and buyers.  Additionally, an elegant solution to overcome this flaw will be discovered.  Readers will walk away with a new depth of understanding about conventional planning systems and a list of things they can begin to implement the very next day.

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  2. Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th edition

    Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th edition


    With this historic revision, new author Charles Gillis will be updating the entire package, replacing ALL the figures with CAD-generated artwork, adding new illustrations, representing metric drawing equivalents alongside the English calculations, and, perhaps most importantly, including content from new and revised drawing standards, including Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Surface Texture and Metrology Standards, Undimensioned Drawings, Line Conventions and Lettering, Engineering Drawing Practices, Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment, Composite Part Drawings, and other current ASME drawing standards.

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  3. Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual

    Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual


    Revit, a type of Building Information Modeling or “BIM” software, is used widely in the U.S. to provide “real-life” information to clients, as well as a way for contractors to eliminate problems before they arise with a way to track costs.  With an installed base of about 300,000 users and growing, it is rapidly becoming the industry standard for architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, plumbers, and HVAC installers.

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  4. The "Maintenance Insanity" Cure

    The "Maintenance Insanity" Cure


    The book is chock-full of useful checklists, flowcharts, templates and other helpful documents that readers can customize for their own needs.  These are available in black and white in the book, and in full-color versions on an affiliated website,

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