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  1. Plastics and Sustainable Piping Systems

    Plastics and Sustainable Piping Systems


    Plastic piping is now the preferred material in countless applications -- municipal water and sewer lines,drain/waste/vent lines, and chemical waste drainage, to mention just a few -- because plastics are durable, easy and safe to install, environmentally sound, and cost-effective. This compendium of over three dozen articles is written by a professional involved in plastic fluid handling products for over 45 years. Divided into three general areas, this unique resource promotes the use of plastics in general and plastic piping systems, in particular. The articles include listings of the major advantages of plastics plus descriptions of the many varied piping products and markets served by thermoplastic piping systems. It is certain to be an eye-opener and educational tool for the experienced and novice designing and specifying engineer, installer, end-user, code official, purchasing agent, and engineering student.

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  2. Handbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction, 5th Edition

    Handbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction, 5th Edition


    At 600 pages, the Handbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction is extraordinarily comprehensive. Written by the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, it was prepared with the objective of being the most comprehensive reference text on PVC pipe and fittings.

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  3. Commercial Steel Estimating

    Commercial Steel Estimating



    There has never been available a compilation of information on steel estimating such as this one in the entire history of steel fabrication. Designed to provide enough information to train someone new in all the aspects of becoming a steel estimator, this manual is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to become a steel estimator, as well as anyone who wants to learn the entire process including many trade secrets. It is a must have for architects, engineers, general contractors, owners and developers that need to know about steel.

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  4. Marketing Construction Services

    Marketing Construction Services



    Written for both seasoned professionals and industry novices by a professional with nearly three decades of experience in operations and business development, Marketing Construction Services provides a general overview, as well as a comprehensive understanding, of the projects, trades, money, and market processes of the construction industry. It is a “must read” for anyone working in and about this industry who wants to gain a better understanding of the various processes involved in acquiring and successfully completing a construction project. Owners, design professionals, financiers, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors within the commercial construction industry will find this to be a handy and invaluable reference.


    • Offers the reader a new understanding for market processes, strategic planning and business development at all levels.
    • Presents comprehensive knowledge of contractual obligations throughout to include all phases of construction from owner requirements to market niches to planning to the bidding process to project completion and the ability to be paid to be ready to receive the next contract by owner.
    • Contains real-life examples that everyone in the industry can relate to.
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