Inspection and Gaging, Sixth Edition

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Inspection and Gaging, Sixth Edition

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Concise yet comprehensive, this highly acclaimed training manual and reference provides the many phases of inspection work and their application to today's manufacturing operations through a practical down-to-earth presentation.



  • Discusses a range of manual and automatic measuring devices along with their specific functions and the specialized functions involved in their use.
  • Analyzes the methods and duties of inspectors.
  • Appropriate for use by inspection supervisors, plant managers, quality control engineers and subcontractors.
  • Includes SPC and other data analysis methods for manufacturing applications.
  • Provides detailed discussions of available measuring and quantitative systems.
  • Compares important measuring and gaging systems.
  • The Need and Function of Inspection in Industry
  • How Specifications Aid the Inspector
  • Tolerances and Allowances
  • How Standards Aid the Inspection
  • Basic Principles and Techniques of Measurement
  • Comparison and Fixed Gages
  • Surface Plate Methods and Equipment
  • Optical Measuring and Inspection Equipment
  • Gaging and Inspection of Screw Threads
  • Special Measuring and Inspection Problems
  • Gage Checking and Calibration
  • Measuring in Millionths
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Automatic Gaging
  • Nondestructive Testing