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Industrial Press covers a wide range of subjects in Machine Shop and Tools, and this is a core field for our publishing program. Topics include metal stamping, machine tool technology, basic machining, sheet metal forming, and die making.  

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  1. Guide to World Screw Threads

    Guide to World Screw Threads



    Now in paperback, this is an excellent overview of all standards for users and producers of fasteners and equipment designers who must specify fasteners.



    Provides encyclopedic coverage of the different types of threads standardized throughout the world. It includes:

    • Unified and American thread series
    • American translational and American pipe threads
    • British threads of Whitworth and non-Whitworth forms
    • ISO metric threads
    • French automobile
    • German and Swiss metric threads.
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  2. Machining for Hobbyists

    Machining for Hobbyists


    Machining for Hobbyists is for the do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist who wants to learn the basics of machining and how to set up a small home workshop. It provides a user-friendly explanation of the essential tools, materials, and techniques that hobbyists need for a variety of metalworking projects. Tips from the pros writing for Home Shop Machinist magazine are included, as well as a foreword by the magazine’s editor.   

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  3. Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design, Second Edition

    Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design, Second Edition


    Written by an engineer with decades of practical manufacturing experience, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and is a complete modern guide to sheet metal forming processes and die design – still the most commonly used methodology for the mass-production manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, and complex high-precision parts.

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  4. Metalworking: Doing It Better

    Metalworking: Doing It Better


    This collection of priceless tips, tricks, skills, and experiences from a veteran of the trade is presented in a way that captures the readers’ attention and engages them in the process of furthering their skills. It includes shop-tested descriptions and illustrations of creative and unique techniques and observations from four decades in the metalworking trades. Perfect for hobbyists and veterans alike, and everyone in between, and for those who work out of either small shops or garages, backyard facilities and basements. It will help any metalworker do better work and do it faster!

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  5. Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, Fifth Edition

    Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, Fifth Edition


    The fifth edition features two new chapters covering New Developments in Dimensional Measurement and The Measurement of Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances, while providing comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment of all known dimensional measurement devices and techniques. This unique resource is organized into chapters by gage type and function while individual chapters move from simple to complex, as well as from timeless measurement techniques to the most modern and innovative. As the single best, most recognized and respected reference on the topic, this new edition maintains its position as the most comprehensive source for dimensional measurement information available!

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  6. Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition

    Machine Shop Trade Secrets, 2nd Edition


    Written by an experienced machinist and plastic injection mold maker, this groundbreaking manual will have users thinking and producing like experienced machinists. Machine Shop Trade Secrets provides practical “how-to” information that can immediately be put to use to improve ones machining skills, craftsmanship, and productivity. It is sure to be used and referred to time and again.

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  7. Machinery's Handbook Made Easy

    Machinery's Handbook Made Easy


    This is a time-saving navigational tool for Machinery’s Handbook for experienced professionals and beginners alike.  You will learn how to quickly find exactly what you need from the Handbook’s vast compilation of data, standards and text.  The contents are organized in an intuitive, easy-to-follow manner and are crossed-referenced to the 29th and 28th editions. Keep it open right alongside your Handbook at all times as a guide to maximum efficiency.  

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  8. Machine Designers Reference

    Machine Designers Reference

    • Presents design data in groups corresponding to these design activities to minimize time spent flipping pages.
    • Speeds up the selection process through contained formulas and guides that are designed to assist the working engineer while selecting machine components from catalogs rather than designing these common components from scratch.
    • The full-size format is ideal for reading charts easily, and an included sheet of page tab stickers allows the user to mark pages they find particularly useful.
    • Intended to be a quick guidebook but contains frequent references to specific entries in Machinery's Handbook for in-depth treatment of most subjects.
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  9. Metal Shaping Processes

    Metal Shaping Processes



    As the only comprehensive text focusing on metal shaping processes, which are still the most widely used processes in the manufacture of products and structures, Metal Shaping Processes carefully presents the fundamentals of metal shaping processes with their relevant applications. The treatment of the subject matter is adequately descriptive for those unfamiliar with the various processes and yet is sufficiently analytical for an introductory academic course in manufacturing. The text, as well as the numerous formulas and illustrations in each chapter, clearly show that shaping processes, as a part of manufacturing engineering, are a complex and interdisciplinary subject. The topics are organized and presented in such a manner that they motivate and challenge students to present technically and economically viable solutions to a wide variety of questions and problems, including product design. It is the perfect textbook for students in mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering programs at both the Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree programs, as well a valuable reference for manufacturing engineers (those who design, execute and maintain the equipment and tools); process engineers (those who plan and engineer the manufacturing steps, equipment, and tooling needed in production); manufacturing managers and supervisors; product design engineers; and maintenance and reliability managers and technicians.



    • Each chapter begins with a brief highlighted outline of the topics to be described.
    • Carefully presents the fundamentals of the particular metal-shaping process with its relevant applications within each chapter, so that the student and teacher can clearly assess the capabilities, limitation, and potentials of the process and its competitive aspects.
    • Features sections on product design considerations, which present guidelines on design for manufacturing in many of the chapters.
    • Offers practical, understandable explanations, even for complex processes.
    • Includes text entries that are coded as in an outline, with these numerical designations carried over the 320 related illustrations for easy cross-referencing.
    • Provides a dual (ISO and USA) unit system.
    • Contains end-of-chapter Review Questions.
    • Includes a chapter on sheet metalworking covering cutting processes; bending process; tubes and pipe bending; deep drawing processes; other sheet metal forming process (stretch forming, spinning, rubber forming, and superplatic forming and diffusion bonding).
    • Provides a useful die classification with 15 illustrations and description; presses for sheet metalworking; and high energy-rate forming processes.
    • A chapter on nontraditional manufacturing process discusses such important processes as mechanical energy processes (ultrasonic machining, water jet cutting); electrochemical machining processes (electrochemical machining, electrochemical grinding); thermal energy processes (electric discharge processes, laser beam machining, electron beam machining); and chemical processes (chemical milling).
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  10. Metalworking Sink or Swim

    Metalworking Sink or Swim



    This collection of priceless tips, tricks, skills, and experiences from a veteran of the trade is presented in a way that captures the attention of users and engages them in the process of furthering the art. It includes shop-tested descriptions and illustrations of creative and unique skills and observations from almost 40 years in the metalworking trades. What's more, it offers enough material from several metalworking trades to start a great research and development shop. It is sure to be a valuable and time-saving resource for anyone involved in the fabrication of metal.



    • Written by a shop peer from the perspective of having done the required work.
    • Includes nearly 1,000 full-color photos, as well as numerous illustrative stories that help users easily understand the material presented and the techniques provided.
    • Contains a chapter on flame straightening techniques.
    • Offers many examples of special workholding techniques.
    • Covers crossover skills like Welding/Machine, Sheetmetal/Welding, and Design/Management.
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