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Relying on a group of widely–known and respected authors, Industrial Press offers what is arguably the most extensive list of maintenance and reliability book titles of any publisher. From best practices to performing shutdowns and outages to executing a balanced scorecard to the financial approach of total productive maintenance to risk and reliability strategies to asset maintenance and machine maintenance to overall equipment effectiveness, Industrial Press covers the subject thoroughly and effectively.


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  1. RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance

    RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance


    The popular Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) methodology has been around since the late ’90s, but it was what professionals call a consequence-based approach. This work represents a revision to that bestselling RCM2 title, with more modern thinking, an emphasis on a risk-based methodology, and alignment with International ISO standards (55000 and 31000). The result is a more holistic, integrated, and rigorous way for developing asset care and risk-mitigating strategies for physical assets.

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  2. The Reliability Excellence Workbook

    The Reliability Excellence Workbook


    Reading this book is like having a consultant sitting across the table, helping to drive your organization along a continuum of reliability improvement. The author introduces a concept, provides space for readers to record their experiences and observations, offers anecdotal examples and approaches, and drives readers to potential solutions.

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  3. Maintenance and Reliability Certification Exam Guide

    Maintenance and Reliability Certification Exam Guide


    Until now, there hasn’t been a single volume for maintenance and reliability certification candidates to use as a study guide for these exams. The Maintenance and Reliability Certification Exam Guide fills the great need for such a resource by including specifics about the different tests, how to study for each, information on where to focus review efforts, hundreds of sample exam questions, vital facts about re-certification, as well as practical tips for maintenance and reliability professionals to take back with them to use on the job.

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  4. Precisely Wrong

    Precisely Wrong


    What if there was one fatal flaw in MRP that makes it completely incapable of conveying relevant information?  What if correcting this one fatal flaw allowed the promise of MRP to be attained?  Precisely Wrong: Why Conventional Planning Systems Fail will reveal this fatal flaw and trace its impact to everyday situations encountered by planners and buyers.  Additionally, an elegant solution to overcome this flaw will be discovered.  Readers will walk away with a new depth of understanding about conventional planning systems and a list of things they can begin to implement the very next day.

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  5. The "Maintenance Insanity" Cure

    The "Maintenance Insanity" Cure


    The book is chock-full of useful checklists, flowcharts, templates and other helpful documents that readers can customize for their own needs.  These are available in black and white in the book, and in full-color versions on an affiliated website,

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  6. The Death of Reliability

    The Death of Reliability


    Are we facing the death of reliability?  Some believe this is the case, particularly when it comes to reliability leadership.  Without qualified leaders, there can be no true reliability, and as such, companies are losing out on the one real competitive advantage available to them today.

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  7. Spare Parts Inventory Management

    Spare Parts Inventory Management


    Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology™ by Philip Slater covers the whole part’s life cycle, from initial purchase to final disposal, and addresses issues throughout, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The author, Phillip Slater, was described in a recent podcast as “truly one of the leaders in the MRO information segment.”


    Sparesology is a term coined by Slater to describe the discipline of optimizing the physical, financial, and human resource management processes of spare parts inventory management. Sparesology is much more than just inventory optimization. It involves an understanding of the complete “ecosystem,” within which the spare parts inventory is managed, and seeks to ensure that all of the factors influencing this management work together to achieve an organization’s goals.

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  8. Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis

    Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis


    The key to uptime in manufacturing is managing risk, and Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis: Maintenance Storeroom and Inventory Control by Joel Levitt describes how to evaluate risk in the inventory. Levitt shares knowledge he has gained over more than 30 years of consulting companies and providing training to professionals who are facing problems with their spare parts inventory. His latest book shows how the maintenance department can provide better support to purchasing agents and buyers. It provides dozens of ideas to properly reduce inventory, reduce usage, and save money in parts, all while maintaining service levels.This is an ideal resource for maintenance managers, planners, and engineers; parts specialists; supply chain managers; and anyone involved in purchasing.

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  9. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

    Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)


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    Using an innovative multi-echelon “Position, Protect, and Pull” methodology, DDMRP helps plan and manage inventories and materials in today’s more complex supply scenarios, with attention being paid to ownership, the market, engineering, sales, and the supply base. This method enables a company to decouple forecast error from supply order generation and build in line to actual market requirements, and promotes better and quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level. DDMRP is already in use by MAJOR Global 1000 companies. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is THE definitive work on DDMRP, and will be required as courseware for all those taking the Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) Program.

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  10. The Missing Links

    The Missing Links


    The Missing Links by Caroline Mondon is a unique supply chaing management mystery novel. It follows a small furniture company whose owner has died under suspicious circumstances, leaving his musician daughter in charge. The business newcomer encounters a multitude of problems–high work-in-progress inventory, unsafe working conditions, conflicts between two in-house factions, longstanding customers beginning to withdraw their business, and increased competition. Can the factory ever be profitable again? The work follows the journey of the company to utilize industry standards, including total quality, lean, total productive maintenance, flow management, as well as the newest demand driven methodologies that are changing modern supply chain management.

    Written by an award-winning French author, and President of Fapics, the French Association of Supply Chain Management, this book introduces the effectiveness and simplicity of new demand driven methodologies (DDMRP), along with total quality, lean, TPM, and flow management. It ties in perfectly with the Demand Driven Institute’s certification programs.

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