The Reliability Excellence Workbook

From Ideas to Actions

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The Reliability Excellence Workbook

The Reliability Excellence Workbook

From Ideas to Actions


John L. Ross, Jr.




Reading this book is like having a consultant sitting across the table, helping to drive your organization along a continuum of reliability improvement. The author introduces a concept, provides space for readers to record their experiences and observations, offers anecdotal examples and approaches, and drives readers to potential solutions. Much of the information from this work has been gleaned from the author’s extensive consulting experience. With the help of the forms and discussions in this workbook, readers will create a working document they can continually use to grow and change their businesses. Each section concludes with a synopsis of what was learned about a particular situation, the reader’s own vision, and how to create a cohesive strategy for moving forward.




  • Helps maintenance and reliability professionals clearly understand their current situation, plan a route to improvement and high performance, and enables them to articulate the path forward, including a compelling case for change.
  • Every chapter ends with a suggested segment of an overarching approach to the preservation of plant or facility equipment.
  • Explores, discusses, and debates the fundamental elements of high performing reliability organizations.
  • Discusses and explains industry standards. 
  • Covers reliability (and other 4-letter words) in the context of creating a master strategy of continuous improvement.

John L. Ross, Jr., Ph.D., CMRP, is the President of the international reliability consulting company, Maintenance Innovators, Inc., and the sole proprietor of State Line Group, LLC. He proudly serves as a Senior Consultant with the widely re- nowned Marshall Institute. The Marshall Institute is the global thought leader in equipment reliability.

  • Chapter 1: Our Inherent Desire to Grow and Change
  • Chapter 2: Change and the Resistance to It
  • Chapter 3: Business Management
  • Chapter 4: Manufacturing Process Reliability
  • Chapter 5: Equipment Reliability
  • Chapter 6: Leadership and Organization
  • Chapter 7: Work Management