Materials / Metallurgy

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Mechanical Technology encompasses a vast amount of areas within the metalworking and manufacturing industries. These are the core fields that Industrial Press serves. And because these industries have become extremely competitive over the past several years we recognize the importance of providing professionals with superior educational sources and reference books that help ensure efficient and cost-effective manufacturing. What has developed is quite an extensive line of resources that cover a broad range of the engineering, science and mechanics within the mechanical industries. From Machinery’s Handbook to engineering mathematics to engineering formulas for metalcutting to work measurement to engineering coatings to engineering science to fuel oil to HVAC to hydraulic and pneumatic power to industrial lubrication to tribology in machine design to mechanics of machines to vibration spectrum analysis to statistical process control, Industrial Press covers it all from the very basic to the more advanced. If you require a book on Mechanical Technology, we’re sure to have at least one that’s just right for you!

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