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The Industrial Press 2018 Catalog is Here!

Industrial Press publishes essential resources for the machining community and related manufacturing industries, offering a diverse list of titles for students, practitioners, and seasoned professionals. From metalworking & welding, machine tooling, engineering math to maintenance & reliability, supply chain & inventory management, and construction & design, our works contain vital information on the latest technologies, tools, materials, and processes.

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Press Releases

April 2018:Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual is Proving a Great Learning Tool and Reference

December 2017: Hammer's Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th Edition, by Charles A. Gills and Warren Hammer  <NEW EDITION

November 2017: Author David Bachman Opens Solo Show in LA

October 2017: The "Maintenance Insanity" Cure, by Roger D. Lee

October 2017: Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual, by Brian W. Clayton

August 2017: The Death of Reliability, by Nathan C. Wright

May 2017: Beginning AutoCAD® 2018 Exercise Workbook, by Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather

May 2017: Lean Refining: How to Improve Performance in the Oil Industry, by Lonnie Wilson

March 2017: AutoCAD 3D Exercise Workbook, by Steve Heather

March 2017: Grasshopper: Visual Scripting for Rhinoceros 3D, by David Bachman

July 2016: The MIssing Links, by Caroline Mondon

July 2016: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning, by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith

July 2016: Applied Dynamics in Engineering, Michael Spektor



Book Reviews and Author Articles

Spare Parts Inventory Management Just Got Easier

2016: Industrial process systems to lean business systems success via IMV, by Mike Sondalini, Courtesy of the Business Industrial Network

Spring 2016: Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition, Book Review, by George Buliss, Courtesy of The Home Shop Machinist

May 2016: Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition, by Alan Richter, Editor, Cutting Tool Engineering 

July 2016: Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness, by Mike Sondalini, Courtesy of Industry Week



IP Newsletters

April 2018, Focus on Licensing and Certifcation: Plumbing and Welding CWI

December 2017,  Focus on Design and Print Reading

September 2017, Focus on Maintenance and Reliability: Making Changes

February/March 2017, Focus on 3D Modeling Software: AutoCAD® and Grasshopper

November/December 2016, Focus on Inventory Solutions: Spare Parts and More!

July/August 2016, Focus On Global Planning: DDMRP and More!

June 2016, Focus On Manufacturing: Machinery’s Handbook, 30th, Plus

September 2015, Focus On: Teaching & Learning 3D Modeling Software

May 2015, Focus On: Women in Metal, Machining, & Manufacturing



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